Nutritional Supplements

As part of her functional medicine practice, Dr. Eklund makes nutritional supplements available to her patients through the internet (see below for obtaining Xymogen products on-line), in person at her office, and via shipments from her office via the U.S. Postal Service (free for orders of $100 or more).

She has chosen two companies to help her provide this service: Xymogen, based in Orlando, Florida and OrthoMolecular, based in Woodstock, Illinois.

Dr. Eklund is proud of her association with Xymogen.  Since 2005, she has been a member of Xymogen’s Medical Board of Advisors and as part of that group, she has had input in designing nutritional formulas.

Patients of Dr. Eklund may call the office at (305) 270-2229 to obtain the referral code that allows them to place orders directly from  Xymogen also offers a service that will auto-ship every 30, 60 or 90 days a patient’s recurring order.


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