Luis Tellez

Luis Tellez is a Florida licensed massage therapist with over sixteen years relevant experience.  Besides his Florida license, he holds numerous other certifications, including:  National Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork;  Personal Training;  Yoga Instructor;  Pilates Instructor; and Reiki Master Teacher.

Luis believes in proactively helping clients improve their health and appearance through education in fitness and wellness.  He concentrates on clients gaining strength in a balanced way so that tight, tense areas are stretched and weak ones are strengthened.  A body in which  the muscles are realigned operates as nature intended.

Numerous clients have come to Luis for relief from stress and anxiety.  An extensive body of research supports the therapeutic qualities of massage.  The physical release of muscular tension and the resultant increased blood supply to the head yields improved mental functioning and a reduction in feelings of irritability and emotional exhaustion.

Luis Tellez can be reached directly at: (305) 316-9777.

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